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All the hotels that we offer are under our strict selection. If you make a hotel reservation through our service, you can believe that one "city centre hotel" will be really in the centre of the city, with the best price you can get.

We prepare our hotel selection according to:

  • CATEGORY (of ******) Hotels which have one "+" after the category rate are of a slightly superior level of usual centre european standard of mentioned category. Hotels which have the last * between ( ) means that although they have been rated in this category, they don't reach it according to the quality standards of Individual Tour (It doesn' t mean its a bad hotel... we don' t offer nor advise this ones)
  • STYLE & DELIGHT … there are hotels that with their own special esthetic and architecture, charming atmosphere and quality of atention are exceeding the quality of accommodation above the corresponding “stars” = technical qualities, installations and services. In our price guide, these hotels are rated also with symbols from & until &&&

We Request:

  • Please always put in the details of your request if you want a double room with double bed ("dbl") or "twin" with two separates beds. Various hotels in Praha, specially **** hotels, have just a limitated number of "twins"
  • In hotels of superior category, also its better to clarify if you prefer a smoking or non-smoking room.

NOTES and SYMBOLS in our price guide:
HB = half board, FB=full board


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